Cute fruit fork, eat a colorful mood!

Have you ever faced such trouble? Eat fruit with a common toothpick, is quality poor? 

Today to introduce a few kinds of fruit forks. Eat fruit. Snacks are easy to use, healthy, and more intimate! More safe and good Kitchenware products.


1. Animal calf-shaped fruit fork

High-quality ABS and antioxidant stainless steel material, environmental protection, no odor, more at ease, beautiful color, for your home to add color, unique shape, lovely budding, let you always have a good mood ~ usually eat fruit, bread and other snacks are very convenient, but also a very good decoration!

Cartoon calf fruit fork

2. Creative home treetop support bird fruit fork set

Food-grade PP materials, health, environmental protection, no odor, tree socket, beautiful and generous, different colors, make different things more convenient. The fork tip is carefully designed, will not scratch the skin, and can easily fork fruit. The cute bird shape is a practical fruit set, but also a beautiful desktop decoration Oh!


Bird fruit fork

3. Korean cartoon stainless steel fruit fork suit

Lovely cartoon shape, sprout, small forks for stainless steel material, insert food convenient, reusable, a box of 8, convenient and practical. Birthday parties, parties for friends, fruit platters after dinner, with exquisite little animal fruit fork, while you enjoy the delicious, but also add a lot of fun!


Cartoon fruit fork

4、 Creative lovely fruit fork

Use of high-quality stainless steel, health, and environmental protection, clean and hygienic, farewell to disposable plastic fruit forks, responsible for health, for their own sake. Small forks for fruit, two-tooth fork, pointed and adverse, easy to fork to take food, realistic shape, lovely germination. Eating fruit and eating dessert is easy to use, beautiful and practical, looking at people increases appetite!


Fruit shape fruit fork