Do you want to have smooth long hair? A comb is essential.

The Benefits of Hairdressing

The results show that the frequent contact between the hair and the comb will stimulate the nerve terminals of the scalp, thus causing an electrical reaction and relaxation of the nerve in the head, thus promoting the regulation of the central nervous system, thereby promoting blood circulation, thus increasing the supply of blood oxygen to the scalp and brain cells, thus improving and ameliorating the fatigue of the brain, enhancing the function of the brain, enhancing the thinking ability and strengthening the memory.

Air cushion comb has many advantages over traditional comb.

1. Soft and comfortable combing allows for fluffy roots

With the same force, compared to the traditional comb, an air cushion comb can do a large area close to the scalp, so that the pressure on the scalp is more gentle. In addition, due to the loose arrangement of comb teeth, the hair will not be too hard to break. Air cushion comb prevents the generation of static electricity, making combing hair become more relaxed, thereby achieving the effect of hairdressing.

2. Massage to promote blood circulation

The soft, elastic air cushion comb can provide a comfortable massage to the head in a large range, which can improve blood circulation.

3. Relaxation

The role of the air cushion comb is not limited to hairdressing, as people work longer, the cervical spine will also be affected. Air cushion comb has been upgraded to massage comb, comb hair at the same time, also can comb the neck, let the body be relaxed.

Do you want to have smooth hair? Do something about it! Then hurry up!

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Finally, we recommend a few easy-to-use air cushion combs.

Cartoon Pattern Air Cushion Comb

High-frequency vibration, comfortable massage, remove hair knot.

Restrain static electricity, comb hair easily, and massage the scalp to relax.


Electric Massage Comb

Portable Air Cushion Comb