Have You Ever Used a Fruit Fork Made of Wheat Straw?

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Have you ever used a fruit fork made of wheat straw?

Do you know about wheat straw?

Straw is a general term for the stem and leafy parts of mature crops. It usually refers to the remaining parts of wheat, rice, corn, potatoes, rape, cotton, sugar cane and other crops after harvesting the seeds.

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What is wheat straw plastic and cutlery?

Wheat straw plastic is made from natural wheat straw fibers and contains 50% PP and 50% wheat. It is mainly made from sugar cane, wheat, and reeds after molding. Through processing, it can be made into a variety of tableware, which is more environmentally friendly than plastic straws, more durable than paper straws, and can be recycled. Wheat straw is made of tableware, it has a natural biodegradable, environmentally safe performance.
Today we will introduce you to natural environmental protection straw material tableware, using natural straw plant fiber material made of selected organic rice husk plant fiber natural raw materials, placed in the soil decomposition, to protect the environment to contribute.

Come see the highlights of the wheat straw tableware!

🌾Environmental Material

Light wheat flavor, the tableware emits the scent of nature.
A healthy choice for naturally biodegradable family members, eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable.

🌿Lightweight and Strong

Lightweight and easy to clean compared to ceramic and glass panels


Leaf Bucket Fruit Fork Rilifactory

Leaf Bucket Fruit Fork


Leaf Bucket Fruit Fork Rilifactory

Leaf Bucket Fruit Fork

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