Have you started the environmental campaign yet? ——Start with straw tableware

Today, everyone is trying hard to pursue green and environmental protection. Do you start with the smallest little things?


Three meals in all seasons, in addition to choosing the right food, but also to preparing a set of natural tableware.


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to hygiene and safety, and the requirements for tableware are also getting higher and higher. I believe that every consumer will be concerned about the safety of tableware materials, but due to the different materials and different methods of use, they may cause different problems for our health. The following is an introduction to the characteristics brought by the wheat straw tableware.


1.Environmentally friendly materials

The meal plate made with wheat grass does not contain heavy metals, plasticizers and other harmful substances, and it can be biodegradable and has no effect on the surrounding air. A faint smell of wheat wafted out from the plate. In the simple three meals, it fills the appetite, heals the soul, heals the wounds of life, and makes the dull life full of fun.

2. Simple and fresh

The color is mainly pure color tone. Chose bright colors to make the sight softer, the sense of color integration is stronger and warmer. Make the monotonous life add a touch of fun, relax yourself and enjoy the wonderful time that belongs to you.



3. Easy to carry

People under the epidemic pay more attention to daily eating and hygiene habits. Bringing your own tableware is more hygienic and environmentally friendly, not only to contribute a little effort to epidemic prevention activities, but also to create a healthier and better quality of life for yourself. We will create a better life together with you by using our straw tableware.

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