Incorrect brushing bad habits can hurt your teeth! Come and develop healthy brushing habits!

An incorrect way of brushing can hurt your teeth! Come and see if you and your family have these brushing habits!

1. Brushing teeth with cold water

Using cold water to brush your teeth will stimulate your teeth cause sensitivity symptoms and affect your oral environment.

🥛Correct method: use 35 degrees - 37 degrees warm water toothbrush.

2. Violence brushing teeth

Brushing too hard, easy to damage the gums caused by rupture bleeding, and damage dental health.

3. Horizontal brushing

Brushing horizontally is difficult to thoroughly clean the gaps in your teeth and can damage the enamel, causing damage to your teeth.

🎯Correct method: Learn to brush your teeth properly with Pap brushing.


4. Brush your teeth without brushing your tongue

Bacteria and food residues on the tongue's surface are not cleaned in time and can easily cause hygiene problems.

🎇Correct method: Brush your tongue gently and do not use too much force.


5. Too short brushing time

The brushing time is too short, the cleaning effect is not good, and the food residues and soft dirt on teeth cannot be cleaned.

🧸Correct method: keep the brushing time at about 3 minutes to ensure a good oral cleaning effect.


6. Toothbrush is not changed for a long time

Toothbrush for a long time in a wet environment, the toothbrush is easy to breed a lot of bacteria. Once the bacteria invade the teeth, decay will occur, and then gradually damage the whole tooth, shortening the life of teeth.

⏰The right way: replace your toothbrush in about 3 months

In addition to brushing your teeth, it is also essential to take care of your dental health with your habits.

✨Use dental floss

Flossing is mainly for cleaning plaque and tartar between the teeth and the edges of the teeth, and it is recommended to use it after each meal and before brushing your teeth Regular dental cleaning

✨Regular oral examination

Oral examination at least once a year. Early detection of oral health problems, timely treatment of oral diseases, and prevention of diseases before they occur.

Here are a few toothbrushes and timers for you to check out if you're interested.

⏰Timer: brush countdown, to help you reasonably control the 3 minutes of brushing time, to ensure a good oral cleaning effect

Cartoon duck timer

Cartoon calf electronic timer

Cartoon Bear Clock Timer

🪥Bamboo charcoal bristle toothbrush: ultra-fine bamboo charcoal fiber, wheat straw material, to help you start brushing your teeth, to protect your oral health.

Honeycomb Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

Frog Charcoal Toothbrush

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