Prevent red wine from running out of flavor - Wine stopper

As we approach the end of the year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are approaching and parties and gatherings of friends, large and small, are on the agenda. Wine is one of the more common beverages in people's daily lives and plays a pivotal role in table culture.



At the party, wine is naturally the most attention, and how to preserve the wine becomes a problem, there are two ways to seal the bottle of red wine, one is a cork, and one is a screw cap.

Do you know how to prevent red wine does not run a taste?

Wine cork is initially one of the most secure methods to prevent the wine in the banquet run flavor, the loss of red wine should be the fruity and floral aroma. The cork is soft and full of elasticity, with proper oxygen permeability and good resistance to thermal expansion and contraction, which can preserve the red wine well.


How to deal with the taste of red wine cork? To solve this problem, a variety of products to replace the cork appeared.

The wine industry has a very headache enemy: cork taste. Since cork is infected by 2,4,6-trichloroanisole or TCA (cellulose triacetate), the use of poor-quality cork can make the wine taste flat and the rottenness can overpower the fruit and floral aromas. What makes people get rid of the cork taste in red wine completely is the artificial wine cork as well as the screw cap.


Follow my footsteps to learn some wine cork!


Drunkard Wine Plug Set


Chef Party Wine Stopper Rilifactory


Chef Party Wine Stopper

Squirrel Party Wine Stoppers Set Rilifactory

Squirrel Party Wine Stoppers Set

The use of wine stoppers not only can prevent red wine run flavor, but also can be used in the preservation of drinks, and condiments above. If you like wine, do you like screw caps, plastic cork, or traditional cork?