What are some of the very best household items you've used? Little gadgets enhance big happiness

In life, we often encounter the problem that some things look a bit messy no matter how we put them, and there is no need for extensive decoration. Some home furnishings look good but are not practical. In fact, we are just a few home goodies away from a beautiful and tidy home. With these useful home items, you can create a different interior environment by yourself without hiring an interior designer. On top of that, with the following practical home tools, I'm sure you can have a great home experience~

These are great household tools that will make your kitchen life easier and happier!

Hanging bins

When you work in the kitchen, you are usually standing, so if you put the bin on the floor, you will have to bend over. This type of hanging bin is higher and handier. There is no technology, it's just easier on the hands.

Oil bottle with brush

Don't underestimate a small silicone brush. With it, you can spread the oil more evenly on the food and can reduce the amount of oil used.

Rationed salt shaker

The World Health Organisation recommends a daily salt intake of 5 grams per person. Everyone understands salt reduction, but most people don't really have a concept of how much salt to eat. The pressurized dosing salt bottle allows you to control the amount of salt that comes out each time, 0.3g, 0.5g, so you can at least have an idea. You can also improve your cooking skills.

Oil-proof stickers for the hob

Over time, the walls and tiles in front of your cooker will become covered in a yellow stain. Pre-apply a grease-proof sticker and replace it regularly for cleanliness and convenience.

Food waste grinder

Leftover apple cores, rice, and chicken bones can all be stuffed into the shredder and then flushed away, saving you time and reducing kitchen waste. And, nowadays, food waste grinders have a safe design, so you really won't get your hands dirty.

Kitchen sensor tap

Don't want to get greasy hands everywhere when cooking? Just install a sensor tap.


Fires in the kitchen are often caused by people leaving the stove. When you make a phone call or go to watch a TV show, you may forget about the pan until you wake up to the smell of burning. You don't have to buy an expensive kitchen timer, but make sure you buy the loudest one.