What is Wheat Straw Plastic & Why We Using it?

Wheat straw plastic is the latest eco friendly material and is a smart, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. It is a premium food grade material and is completely BPA free. The impact of regular plastic on the environment is devastating, and wheat straw plastic is an awesome alternative. It is made from a by-product of wheat production, namely wheat straw. It has many applications like wheat straw food containers, wheat straw drinking straws, wheat straw plastic plates, reusable coffee cups and many more.

Straw, which is the by-product of the wheat harvest, contains lignin. Lignin is the part of the plant that keeps it standing up. So it is similar to a tree trunk, but for smaller plants. Lignin, when combined with sugar, can be turned into a bio-plastic. First the lignin needs to be broken down to be able to make the plastic like material. Lignin is broken down by bacteria called Rhodococcus jostii, which is found in soil. The bacteria can produce acid, which easily breaks down the lignin without the use of any artificially produced products, which is far better for the environment. Once the lignin has been broken down, it is mixed with sugar to form a plastic-like substance. This is then molded into forms like plates, cups and storage containers.


Perks and Benefits of Wheat Straw Plastic: It is entirely biodegradable. It will take 3 to 6 months to turn to compost in your home compost and only 1 to 2 months in a local municipal compost facility.wheat straw plastic alternative, Also it's renewable and sustainable. As these products are completely natural, they can decompose and be used as fertilizer. It Non-allergenic, gluten free, easy to clean, sturdy and strong, microwave and freezer safe and with out odor and will not go moldy.

They can also be turned back into pulp by melting them and creating different products again and again. Less energy is required to produce the wheat straw plastic-like substance. A lot of energy is used to produce artificial plastic and the emission of carbon dioxide gasses are very high. Because wheat straw is natural, it requires much less energy to produce pulp. The natural fibers make the material sturdy enough without requiring the addition of toxins like oil. Additional source of income for the wheat farmers as they can sell the byproducts for a reasonable price. Waste disposal is reduced and no need to burn the straw which further adds to air pollution.

It can handle hot liquids up to 100°Celsius / 220°Farenheit. Conform to US food and Drug Administration guidelines. Wheat straw can be used to create paper, so saving our forests as well. Disposable paper products, like plates and cups, can be replaced by the wheat straw substance. No need to cut down our forests to get the materials needed, but use the agricultural waste product. Greenware plant fiber blend containers are made with a blend of wheat straw and wood fiber.

Since 2018, we have started to use wheat straw material to make our products for the sake of everyone's health and environmental protection, and now we have very mature technology and experience to complete the manufacture and production of these products.