Do You Know How to Choose a Rice Spoon?

Do You Know How to Choose a Rice Spoon?

The rice serving spoon is the most common tableware in our daily life, how much do you know about the material of the rice spoon as a common tableware in daily life?

The first step in selecting a spoon is often to consider the material of the product, and what is the difference between the different materials?

1. Stainless steel is safer, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, and malleable.
2. Ceramic material has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., but fragile and not suitable for spoons.
3. Wooden spoons are environmental health, and not easy to deform. But not resistant to high temperatures, and not easy to clean.
4. Glass: glass is hard, lead-free, transparent, and easy to clean. But it is fragile and relatively heavy, it is difficult to scoop up food.
5. Plastic material has good plasticity, while non-toxic and non-hazardous heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium).
6. Wheat straw material, from natural, naturally biodegradable, does not contain heavy metals and has high-temperature resistance.

Fish Vertical Rice Spoon

Have You Ever Contacted Upright Rice Spoon in Your Life?

Generally, rice spoons in the market do not have the function of upright placement, which will lead to the process of serving rice, the surface of the spoon is easy to contact the table, resulting in an unhygienic situation. The upright spoon is a good solution to this problem. It is recommended to choose a product that is upright or has a placement function so that you do not have to worry about the spoon touching the table, and you can use it without worry when you are in a hurry to serve rice.

After following the footsteps of Rilifactory and understanding the basic material of the spoon, let's consider the appearance of the scoop and its cost performance.
A spoon with practicality and value will attract your attention at first sight!

Choose the Color and Design of the product and turn it into a kitchen decoration.
A brightly shaped upright spoon is also a good kitchen decoration, so it is recommended to choose a product that adds color to the interior.

Wheat Puppy Rice Spoon

Handle Shape and Grip

Different shapes of rice spoons differ in the amount of rice they can hold and the ease of operation, so we recommend choosing the product that best suits your needs and usage.
In addition to being able to stand upright, the feel of the upright spoon is also important. It is recommended to go to a physical store to experience it, and it is best to pick a product that feels good in your hand.

Do the above few rice spoons with value and practicality appeal to you?

After reading the above product introduction, do you have the urge to trade in a rice spoon?
Take action now and get a vertical spoon for your kitchen to make your kitchen life more convenient!