Is wheat straw cutlery resistant to high temperatures? Is it harmful to the human body?

When buying fast food boxes online, you will always see recommended posts or advertisements for wheat straw tableware. In the eyes of the public, wheat straw tableware is increasingly sold and popularized as a concept, and many people know it as environmentally friendly tableware. However, in appearance, wheat straw tableware is plastic and lightweight. So can this kind of tableware be heated in the microwave?

Next, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of wheat straw tableware.

  1. What is wheat straw tableware?
    Wheat straw tableware as the name implies is a new type of environmentally friendly tableware made of wheat straw after fiber extraction, pulp and water mixing and molding. Then what is biodegradable? Biodegradable is a material that can be decomposed naturally, such as paper, wood, plants, food, etc. After the action of microorganisms, it will eventually become carbon dioxide and water, which are common in nature. And this biodegradable material, the environment is also very good.
  2. Whether wheat straw tableware is harmful to human health.As wheat straw tableware is made of wheat straw by a series of related operations mixed molding, is a natural component. And mixed molding requires a fusion agent such as polypropylene, of course, these substances must be the national regulations of food grade.
  3. The difference between straw tableware and ordinary tableware. The biggest difference lies in the heating aspect. Ordinary plastic tableware at high temperatures will decompose toxic substances, but wheat straw is natural, and high temperature will not produce toxins.

In addition, in terms of appearance and hardness. The tableware made of wheat straw is much better looking than ordinary plastic tableware. In addition, the hardness of wheat straw tableware is high, not easy to deformation, and can be recycled many times. Ordinary plastic tableware as long as a little force will be deformed, the number of uses is limited.

  1. Wheat straw tableware has the following advantages in addition to biodegradable and environmental protection.
  2. Wheat straw material, there will not be too much unpleasant plastic smell.
    Durable and not easy to break.
  3. Straw tableware is beautiful in appearance, and simple but does not lose the sense of design, the color is not very bright, but gives people a natural feeling.

The disadvantages of straw tableware are also obvious.
(1) Because the wheat straw tableware industry is still in a disorderly state, there is no clear standard grade. So pay special attention to whether the product has international certification when purchasing.
(2) Because it is a mixed molded product, you should pay attention to whether the merchant uses additives that meet the requirements in the production process.

The above is the scientific knowledge about wheat straw tableware. In conclusion, wheat straw tableware is more heat resistant than many plastic fast food boxes. Although it can be used many times, the use of additives is a very important part of the production process. So merchants as well as consumers in the wholesale, purchase the link to pay more attention to these tips.

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